Welcome to The Digital Naturalist — your online source of landscape photography.  


My name is David Lapecher and I refer to myself as a The Digital Naturalist because of my advocacy for the environment.  


Here, I am featuring all the different shots I have taken of different landscapes across all the various continents — from North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Antartica, and Australia. You see, travel is my hobby and photography is my passion. In this website, these two things that I absolutely love in life intersect. And I am very happy to share these with you.  


I have made sure that you can easily access the gallery that is available on this website. So even if you are inside your glass garage door installed by A1 Garage Door Service Milwaukee, you can simply open this website or download an app to enjoy the photos that are available on the gallery page.  


Note that photos here are arranged according to the continents. Under each continent, there are further classifications, according to country, themes, type of wildlife and landscape forms. The classifications have been done in order to enable you to easily search for the photo that you want. To make it easy for you, may may decide to use our advanced search option and use the filters available.  


Please note that this website is only for photo viewing. The goal is really to inspire you and ensure that you enjoy the photos that are available here. However, if you want to download the photos, there are two options for you. You may want to just click the download link below each photo and follow the payment process that will be prompted. Or you may send me an email via the Contact Us tab.  


So what are the kinds of landscape photos that you can expect from this website?  


  1. Nature photos – We have here lots of outdoor photography that feature wildlife, plants and natural scenes such as landscapes, among others. Most of the photos are taken using creative and artistic shots.  


  1. Urban photos – We also feature here a lot of urban landscape photos to show you the flavour of each continent, country or city. Here, the urban landscape is the main focus.  


  1. Impressionistic photos – This type of photography is quite creative. My goal here is just to show unreal or creative impressions of the landscapes. I’d like to note that these types of photos oftentimes aim to show the mood of each city. 


  1. Representational photos – Here, I have a collection of photographs in which the most important elements are the framing, angles and even the lighting. The photos here still show the actual landscape but focus are given on the aforementioned elements.  


  1. Abstract photography – Compared to the rest of the types of photos available here, this is the smallest in volume. These are focused on parts of the landscapes, oftentimes showing silhouettes and shapes. 


I sincerely hope that you will enjoy the photos here and be pleased about the things that I feature here. Thank you so much!