Thank you for visiting The Digital Naturalist website. I am so happy that you are here and really showing your interest on my collection of photos.  


Just to give you a brief background on me. I am David Lepecher. I call myself as The Digital Naturalist. This is because I really love the environment and I love taking photos as well. I am also very happy sharing with people the photos that I take. I sincerely hope that you get inspired by the pictures that I have compiled here.  


My love affair with the environment and photography started when I was just a young boy. My father was very much into photography but his work was more of a portrait and fashion photographer. I used to trail after him and observe when he was at work. Seeing how curious I was, he started teaching me to do photography. When I turned twelve, he gifted me with his old Nikon camera which I brought with me wherever I went. I used it to start taking landscape photography as we living in Wisconsin which was well known for its ecological landscapes.  


My father was very much happy with the way my photos turned out. And that was the reason why I have embarked on landscape photography.  


Note that I have tried all possible efforts in order to take the photos I have here and did my best in making sure that you are able to view it in the best possible resolution. I sincerely wish you the best in viewing the photos. If you experience any problems and issues with the images, please do not hesitate to send me an email. You may contact me by clicking on the Contact Us tab. I will always be happy to respond to any concerns you may have.